Portland’s Bridges

The bridges in Portland are not only plentiful, they are also beautiful and hard working. I was in Portland a few weeks ago to watch the Timber’s beat the San Jose Earthquakes. The following morning I was gripped by the idea that I had to map the bridges. So I did, and here is what I have done so far. Any comments are appreciated!

Click here for a PDF of the whole deal-e-o.

The plan view:Some of the sketches:

Legend, sources, scales, and such:

11 thoughts on “Portland’s Bridges”

  1. Nick,
    I really like your elegant design in the presentation of Portland’s bridges. It’s a work of art. Great timing for this year’s NACIS meeting.

  2. Great work Nick. The line drawings are beautiful and oh-so-dainty, maybe mute or remove the road network beneath them. Oh yeah, and I had trouble finding the link for the PDF. See you in Portland.

    1. Thanks Sam, agreed on the daintiness of the sketches. Bumping up their line-weight a bit may help. I’ll have to look at lightening the roads or masking out those roads behind the bridges as well. See you in October!

    2. Finally made it back to this and made the sketches a bit less dainty. Thans for the suggestion. I kept the roads, but they are masked and shaded beneath the bridges. Are you going to be at SOTM or Wherecamp this weekend before NACIS?

  3. Hey, the Broadway bridge has streetcar traffic now, or will in a few days. Might want to add that in.

    There’s also the rail bridge just before the St Johns… which also made me notice that there’s no apostrophe in St Johns. I know, it’s weird, but it’s true.

    1. Thanks,
      I don’t have the streetcar on there at all, good point.

      The rail bridge is ‘BNSF Bridge 5.1’. I love the bridge name. I am looking to add it once I find a good scale and profile so that it matches the scale of the other bridges.

      True about St Johns. Especially strange since the bridge and neighborhood are named for ‘James John’. Good catch, will need to fix that.

      1. Excellent site, guys. Love this one in particular. If you add in the BNSF Bridge 5.1, you might also want to put in the Portland-Milwaukie Light Rail Bridge that’s under construction. It’s really modern looking and will be open to light rail, streetcar, bus, bike, and pedestrian.

        As an aside, there’s a pretty cool diagram of all the bridge profiles (except for the Light Rail Bridge) on the abutment of the new(ish) MLK Viaduct, where it passes over SE Division Place.

        1. Thanks Bradley,
          I should be posting an update to this map within the week that includes Bridge 5.1. I’ll definitely put the new bridge on next.
          I haven’t seen the diagram at the viaduct, I’ll have to check that out!

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