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extent(PNW) is a place for two geographers to make cartographic explorations of the physical, cultural, and historical geographies of the Pacific Northwest. We both went through the Geography graduate program at the University of Oregon, however our time there did not overlap. We met at the fantastic 2011 NACIS conference in Madison, WI. Once we hatched this idea (rather, stole it from bostonography.com, along with this eerily similar ‘about’ page) one of us promptly got an internship in New York, and scooted about as far from the PNW as you can without getting your feet wet. Nevertheless, we press on with maps and thoughts from and about the region, or at least with a PNW flavor.

Nick Martinelli

I have lived in Oregon almost continuously since 1993. Though before that I spent a lot of time with my folks on road trips throughout the region. During the day, I work for TerraSeer and also do the occasional project with the InfoGraphics lab at the University of Oregon.

Derek Watkins

I grew up in Mississippi before moving to the northwest in 2010, where I (inexplicably) received a degree from the University of Oregon. I recently relocated to NYC for a graphics editor internship at the NYTimes, but remain interested in the PNW and the cartographic stories it has to tell. I like visually communicating complex ideas about the world through intuitive and beautiful design.

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